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Body Treatments

All of our Body Care treatments include an informative consultation, we look at your goals to find the treatments best suited for you. We encourage a body composite analysis measurement for every client looking to change their lifestyle, the BCA Scan measures your muscle mass, body fat percentage, metabolic age, and much more. This scan is the perfect way to compare your progress and ensure you are on the right track with your treatments. We also offer introductory pricing; this allows you to try a service for your first time at a discounted price so you can find the perfect treatment plan for your individual needs and goals. After the introductory treatment is done, we offer packages that can be broken down into individual sessions and maintenance prices available after you've completed them. Our body contouring packages also include home care and lifestyle changes, such as drinking lots of water, eating healthy and doing some physical activities. These steps will benefit you and the treatments results. We are here to help you meet your goals and experience your healthiest life yet!

More about intro treatments, packages, maintenance prices

About Intro Treatments & Maintenance Pricing

Intro Treatment Price is applied to your first time experiencing that specific treatment. This Is a way of introducing the service for first time at a discounted price, this allows you to try multiple services to find the perfect treatment for you.

Maintenance price is available after you've finished a package of that specific service. It is a way of rewarding your consistency & maintaining your results. 

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